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Caffè Alma

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Gift Box

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Box containing 4 different single origin coffees - 100% Arabica to let you enjoy different flavors.

  • PANAMA - Don Quijote
100% Arabica coffee originating from the slopes of the Panamanian mountains at about 1500 meters in height. Don Quijote has good body, well balanced by an aromatic acidity. When tasted it reveals floral hints of hibiscus with citrus notes.
Don Quijote SUPPORTS LOCAL COMMUNITIES - with every pack you purchase, you help support a free school program for local community children patracinated by Cafe de Eleta, the finca that grows this variety.
  • COSTA RICA - Tarrazù
100% Arabica coffee born in the mountainous district (1400/1700 meters) south of San José, a volcanic soil rich in nitrogen and phosphates, with a strong aroma, good acidity and body. Tarrazù emanates enveloping floral and citrus notes, enriched by hints of spices and cocoa.
  • CUBA -Serrano
100% Arabica coffee coming from the Sierra Maestra, a mountainous area (1200 meters) in the eastern part of the island, rich in copper and manganese. Serrano coffee is a rare variety, with a persistent aftertaste and an intense and velvety body. Enveloping notes of cocoa and caramel, with hints of hazelnut.
  • ETHIOPIA - Sidamo
100% Arabica coffee coming from the Sidamo, Wolaita and Gedeo areas, mountainous areas in the south-west of the country (1300/2100 m), which give it a medium body and acidity typical of an Arabica. Its flavors range from cedar to bergamot with floral and chocolate hues.


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