We are constantly looking for the best coffees: we carefully select the rarest and most valuable varieties to offer you the best that growers all over the world have to offer. Our coffees come from the mountain slopes of Africa, Central and South America, in ideal microclimates for fruit growth

Origin and Selection

Each sip of coffee is a unique sensory experience, which translates into a moment of extreme pleasure. Our offer is complete: from the typicality of each single origin and its authentic flavors to the well-balanced aromas of our blends - balanced blends of selected varieties

Single origin and Blend

The roasting is artisanal and slow: it allows uniform cooking and enhances the aromatic potential of each bean. The coffee, roasted at different times depending on the variety, is then further selected, bean by bean, and left to rest for a few days

Artisan Roasting

Ground yes, but how? We offer four different grain sizes (coffee grinding degrees): for Espresso, Moka, French Press and American Coffee. Do you want to grind it? Our coffees are also available in beans

4 Different Preparations