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Caffè Alma

PANAMA - Don Quijote

PANAMA - Don Quijote

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SUPPORTS LOCAL COMMUNITIES: With every pack you purchase, you help support a free school program for local community children supported by Cafe de Eleta, la finca who grows this variety. Café de Eleta has stood out for its Child Labor Eradication Program which is conducted each year in collaboration with Casa Esperanza, a non-governmental organization. Under this program, the sons and daughters of the workers attend a school to continue their studies and prevent their entry into the coffee plantations.

Its origins: Don Quijote, 100% Arabica coffee, comes from the slopes of the Panamanian mountains at about 1500 meters high

Its features: Good body in the cup, well balanced by an aromatic acidity

Its flavors: Floral hint of hibiscus with citrus notes

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