A story of friendship and love for coffee

Welcome to Caffè Alma, a micro-roastery founded by two friends, Alessandro and Mattia, who have always been passionate about coffee.

Our story is that of a passion that has turned into a mission: to bring the best coffee possible to our customers, coming from the best plantations in the world and carefully roasted to enhance its unique characteristics.

We decided to found Caffè Alma to share our passion with the world, choosing the name "Alma" because it means "soul" in Spanish; in fact, we believe that every coffee bean has a unique soul, which must be preserved and valued.

Our roastery is located in the heart of the Euganean Hills, in the province of Padua, where we roast our coffee beans with care, using traditional techniques and high quality equipment.

Our mission is not only to offer the best possible coffee to our customers, but also to educate and raise awareness on the issues of sustainability, quality and origin of coffee. We want every cup of coffee to be a source of joy and awareness.